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Advanced TFT Live: April 25 - 26, 2020

A Special Invitation to the 
"Target Focus Training Advanced Seminar"
You know the "basics" behind the Target Focus Training System. Now it's time to Create Your Own Custom Personal Protection System.

A system that not only adapts Adapts to Your Specific Skills and Body Structure... it will reduce your exposure to the risk of violence in the process.”

In 1799, the armies of Napoleon discovered a massive ancient artifact in Egypt. They called it: The Rosetta Stone.

This 1,700 pound chunk of black granite carried an inscription that would become the 'key’ to helping archaeologists decode the undecipherable Egyptian hieroglyphs.

From that time forward... the term ‘Rosetta Stone’ has been used to refer to anything that acts as a 'key' to unlocking previously inaccessible knowledge... and experience.

And that is exactly why many people have called my "Advanced" Target Focus Training Techniques...
The Rosetta Stone of Self-Defense...
It's a very special, methodically designed program that unlocks two critical advantages of TFT... advantages that could mean the difference between life-or-death in a survival situation:

ONE – It reduces your exposure to injury during violence.

(The faster you take the other guy down, the safer you are. More on this in a moment)

TWO - It allows you to easily mold the TFT System to perfectly fit YOUR specific physical abilities, skills and restrictions.

(In fact... my instructors will help you to quickly customize and adapt the moves to fit you personally.)

What this means is that for the first time... ever... you won’t be learning more self-defense moves, more techniques and more... "stuff"...

...Only to end up feeling frustrated at not being able to ‘get it,’ or ‘do it’ or ‘retain it’... because it was a challenge to get it to fit you or YOUR body type.

To fully comprehend what this can mean for you in a life-or-death altercation, it’s important you understand...
Effectiveness PLUS Efficiency =
The Keys To Beating Any Attacker (Quickly)
Effectiveness is your ability to accomplish a desired result.

And at TFT... that result is always to win when facing an attacker. Anything less... may cost you your life.

Efficiency, on the other hand, is simply how well you accomplish that result.
This is why I regularly say that you can't get any "better" with the Target Focus Training System... you can only become more efficient.

What’s important for you to understand is that until now... everything in your Target Focus Training (from your Survival Pack product to the 2-day Foundational event)... focuses solely on effectiveness.

The way you gain this effectiveness is through our “Assembly Process." It has to be this way. In fact, it's the only way we can prepare you for real world violence in just two days!

That's why you learn how to systematically & methodically stack injuries to key targets on the body. (Like the eyes, throat, groin, ankle, clavicle, etc.)

When dealing with unexpected life-or-death violence... coordination and physical grace have nothing to do with effective brute-force trauma. It doesn't matter that you were inefficient in how you handled it ... because how well you move has no effect on the outcome. In violence, there are NO points for style.

Either you get the result or you don’t.

In short... effectiveness without efficiency is still injury! Regardless of efficiency, the effects are identical! This is why we choose to begin with effectiveness in all our base training. We can work on efficiency later.
So Why Even Bother With Efficiency?
“Why not focus solely on effectiveness since the final outcome (injury) can’t be improved upon?”

The answer, for many people, is just that: effectiveness IS sufficient. They’re comfortable with the results... and the relatively short time it takes to learn the base TFT system needed to cause them.

But for others... and perhaps you... there are a couple other factors you may want to consider:

First... with effectiveness we deal only with results... “Did you disable your attacker, and neutralize the threat?”

We don’t care if it required 5 or 6 separate strikes... or even if it took 30 seconds to accomplish.... “Was the goal reached and the threat eliminated?”

Second... not everyone can execute all the moves and strikes the way they would want... simply because of the situation or even a physical limitations they might have.

Here’s the thing: Evaluate both of these factors and you quickly realize you’re needlessly exposing yourself to the unknowns of truly random violence... by remaining engaged longer than necessary. And the longer a violent act continues, the less certain its outcome... regardless of your skill level.

Fortunately, all this is handled through... efficiency.

Because once you have effectiveness in the bag... which you do after our main seminar... efficiency makes you… well, more efficient! You get the same amount of work done with less effort... and... in a shorter timeframe.

Efficiency combined with effectiveness means...

...Doing the same damage with fewer moves.

This might mean using only 2 strikes... vs the 5 or 6 previously required. (This is especially useful if you’re facing multiple attackers.)

This might mean taking your attacker to non-functional in just 3 – 5 seconds... vs 30-45. (Because you understand that the faster you take him out, the less chance you have of getting injured).

This might even mean you have more options to respond to a situation.
(If your body has a limitation, efficiency lets you more easily work around that limitation... and still cause damage to your attacker).
"Efficiency Limits Your Exposure
To The Randomness Of Violence"
And that's what our Advanced Seminar will teach you.
Please make no mistake...

Efficiency without effectiveness is nothing but “slap-fighting"... and unless you’re a highly skilled fighter, that can get you killed.

And example would be the martial artist executing a picture-perfect roundhouse kick against some street thug... sure... it may knock him back a few steps. But then he just pulls out his gun and shoots the martial artist in the face because the thug doesn’t give a damn.
3 Strikes And You’re Out:
How Stringing Together 3 Injuries
Creates Efficiency...
Following TFT’s results-oriented training means you’re... typically... done with any encounter in three injuries (or less).
In fact, anecdotal evidence clearly implies that breaking three vital pieces of anatomy is... usually... sufficient to render a criminal nonfunctional.

(The first one takes his balance, the second knocks him down, with the third often delivered while he’s on the ground.)

Now, it’s not coincidental that our entire TFT system is based on applying 3 separate methods of injury. These are woven together... 1-2-3... with each serving as the windup for the following one to take full advantage of the previous injury.

The ultimate expression of this idea would be to strike him... then use the results of that injury to set up and effect a joint break... then use that break to effect a throw.

When you strike and cause injury you now have the time to set up and execute a joint break... which, while being another serious injury in its own right... also applies leverage against his entire skeleton by taking his balance. And when he's off balance, he's vulnerable to being thrown, rendering him nonfunctional.

During our 2-day Advanced Seminar... you get a complete roadmap of improvement to increase your efficiency and coordination... plus... personalized instruction on how you can incorporate what you learn into your own free practice.

During our 2-Days together, we show you how to go beyond simple “techniques”... and apply the principles underneath it all. This will help you turn your free practice into nonstop iterations of strike-break-throw. Better yet, you'll do it without having to memorize a bunch of moves!
“For The First Time You’re Able To Construct Your Own System Of Destruction... Perfectly Customized To You And Your Unique Abilities”
Our ultimate goal with this is to give you the understanding and ability to execute and train the way we do... as instructors... without having to spend the 20 years it took us to get here.
Finally, on the second day... we'll show you how use coordination sets so you can refine and master what you already know.

Theses sets are what our core training and videos are created from. We have hundreds of these... and now we show you how to unpack it all into a dynamic training tool... a tool to coordinate yourself and improve your efficiency.

Each one is a whetstone that you can use to sharpen your skill. We go step-by-step through that process... show you how they relate to improving your efficiency... and how to get the most from each. (Remember... it’s NOT about memorizing moves).

Along the way... you’ll gain a new appreciation for the material in our previous trainings. More importantly... you’ll have a new way to use that material.

The Advanced Seminar is what we’ve worked toward for years.

In it, we tie together all the elements presented in our Survival Pack and Foundational Live Training... plus the Striking, Lethal Leverage and Throwing series.
This Event Is Different From All Our Other Trainings
Before I explain more of what you'll learn at the seminar, there’s one more thing you need to understand.
Because this Program allows you to make the step-function leap from Effectiveness to Efficiency...

as well as custom-fit Target Focus Training strategies for YOUR specific physical attributes and style)...

you must have at least a base grounding in the Target Focus Training Principles to get the most benefit from it.

This seminar isn't being announced to every customer. Only the ones who are either attended a previous live event... or has spent considerable time with our other programs.

Again, it's crucial you work through at least one other TFT Program BEFORE attending the seminar... especially if you wish to gain the most from it.
Understanding that... here is what you can expect:
  • A complete roadmap of improvement to increase your efficiency and coordination.
  • ​The three simple ‘checks’ that tell you immediately if you’re NOT doing efficient work... and how to instantly ‘course correct’.
  • ​The ONE reason TFT works for everyone regardless of the situation... (even if you’re someone who struggles with efficiency)!
  • The base movement concept involved in executing a Strike-Break-Throw. It sounds complicated but when you see how to do it you'll say “I can do that; geez, anyone can do it!”
  • ​How to _____ and _____ to an assailant to accentuate and accelerate injury.
  • ​The surprising reason coordination set practice makes you better... by slowing you down. (It’s got nothing to do with accuracy or even locking in muscle memory. Those all occur... but this ONE reason is unique to coordination sets and TFT practice :-)
  • The "dirty" foundational secret that lets you walk away from a violent conflict the winner.
  • ​The overlooked "key" to breakthroughs in both your coordination & efficiency. (And, surprisingly, how this translates directly into massive improvements in your ability to stop any predator... dead in his tracks).
  • ​The overlooked "key" to breakthroughs in both your coordination & efficiency. (And, surprisingly, how this translates directly into massive improvements in your ability to stop any predator... dead in his tracks).
  • ​The surprising reason EVERY throw can be (and is) defined as a ‘trip’ or a ‘slip’.
  • TFT movement plans that will expand your skill set and improve your efficiency.
This seminar pulls everything together in a way unlike anything we've shown before.

Our ultimate goal with this new Program is to give you the understanding and ability to execute and train the way we as instructors do... but in a mere fraction of the time it took us to get here.
20 Years Of Experience Distilled
Into 2-Days of Instruction...
In all, it’s the most intense new Program we've ever offered... the distillation of 20 years of research, practice, testing and refinement... rolled into a tight 2 days of instructional material.
You get a complete roadmap that lets you ramp your self-protection skills with a minimum of effort... and a maximum of 'ah-ha' moments.
“…VERY empowering…”
I don’t feel helpless [now]. If I’m in a group of guys and somebody tried to grab me I know I’m not going to get hurt... because now my thinking is first, ‘How am I going to hurt him?’ It’s a very good feeling, very empowering.”

- Kris de Jesus,  Accountant, Las Vegas, NV 
"TFT Is matter-of-fact, no-nonsense, effective training"
"TFT Is matter-of-fact, no-nonsense, effective training. I'm a military combat veteran who has studied various martial arts and this program is unique in that its not a sport, its survival. I spent 5 years in a state prison as well, (married, successful, and reformed now I might add). I can assure you that the animals I was incarcerated with have no problems taking, hurting, and killing.  
Wish I would have known some of this back then, might have avoided a lot of pain. I plan on continuing this training as well as teaching my wife and son."

- Brett, Vernal UT
"a tremendous increase in self-confidence."
“The biggest benefit I received from your training is a tremendous increase in self-confidence. I really feel that if I have to, I can defend myself and my family. This confidence permeates though all my thoughts, dreams, feelings, and relationships. How can you put a price on that? — You can’t, it’s priceless.

I think others can sense this confidence to. Maybe I stand a little taller now, or look people in the eye more than I used to, I don’t know. But I have noticed people starting to react to me differently. Your training has given me a real gift – a gift I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Thank you.” 

- Mike Cohen , Business Executive, Atlanta 
"Within minutes, I was hearing, seeing, and doing things that will impact my life forever."
“Frankly, I went to Tim Larkin’s training kicking and screaming. I truly had no interest in attending, being part of the practice time, or wasting time learning skills I know I would never use. But through the constant, gentle, persuasion by (a friend), I attended.

When I arrived at the training, I sat in the back of the room with a “try to teach me something, Buster” attitude. 

Within minutes, I was hearing, seeing, and doing things that will impact my life forever. Instead of wasting hours learning foolish poses and practicing deep grunting sounds or higher pitched screams, we spent just minutes learning simple, basic skills that carry awesome power – power to protect yourself and your loved ones in almost any imaginable situation. 

By the end of the training, Tim transformed me from a disgruntled seminar captive to a disciple of his astounding techniques. The most powerful impact, though came just two days later – September 11, 2001. 
As the details of the horror of that day unwound, it was revealed that the terrorists held the planes and hundreds of people captive with box cutters and penknives.

I sat stunned. Just two days earlier Tim taught us how to effectively handle this very situation. 

Today I feel confident – not arrogant, but confident – that should I be involved in an unavoidable situation that could cost me or the ones I love our safety or our lives, I , 5′ 8″ 148lbs Paul Hartunian could protect myself and others and make the attackers give very serious thought to going into another line of work. 

Tim’s techniques are so simple that an energetic 14 year-old, a sedentary 48 year-old, or an elderly 76 year-old could learn and execute them with ease. If you think you’re protected by your health insurance you’re sadly mistaken. Without Tim’s training your health insurance will only be able to help you pay for the damage inflicted on you by your attacker.” 

- Paul Hartunian, Marketing Executive, New Jersey 
"Surpassed any expectations that I could have imagined."
"At last someone tells the truth! Everything was broken down to the simplest of terms and nothing was kept secret from anyone. Well Done!"
- William Allen, Mappleton, ME
"Finally I have learned something that applies to real-life situations!"
"The TFT course exceeded my expectations from the material taught and it's application in real life to the superior teaching method applied."

- Steve LaMania, Bradenton, FL
"Being a Police Officer, I thought that my gun was the most lethal weapon...
"I now know that my brain is the most lethal weapon and I no longer will fear over getting into a situation where I can't get to my weapon or whether someone attempts to take my weapon. Excellent!"

- Aaron Garner, Sheriff's Deputy, Houston, TX 
The Best Investment You Can Make
for Your Safety and Personal Protection
I haven't taught the Advanced Seminar in over 4 years now. So frankly, I know there's quite the waiting list for this material.
When I first started teaching these techniques publicly... and only to Military and Law Enforcement Agencies... the cost was $5,000 for the two days.

However... we've made significant advancements in how we teach this in a way that lets you "get it" in just two days.

So because of that... I want some immediate feedback from my best customers.

That's why... for the first 30 people... I'm going to take a full $2,000 off the previous price... and enable you to secure your ticket today for just one payment of $2,997.

But this price is only good until February 29th. After that, the price will go up.
And if this wasn’t a no-brainer already...we’re about to make this program even better.

When you sign up by February 29th, you can claim 3 extra bonuses.
Bonus #1: Two Nights Hotel Room
Nothing is worse than trying to figure out where to stay when you attend an event like this.  You can spend hours looking for an affordable place... only to realize it's 30 minutes from where you need to be.

So now you have to decide if you want to rent a car... or will try your luck with taxis or ride share services.

Then, after you've finally figured it all out, you see the small print for your hotel room and realize that the hotel is going to charge you a "resort fee" that's more than what you're paying for the room!  It's really annoying.

We decided that this time around, we'd remove all of that hassle for you.  

When you join us in Las Vegas, two nights hotel is included in the price of your ticket.

We did all the hard work and research for the best location at the best price... plus, because we saved a block of rooms in advance, we can pass that savings onto you.

The hotel is conveniently located within walking distance right across the street from our new training center.

That way all you have to do is register for the event and get to Las Vegas.  How easy is that?  :-)
Bonus #2: "Share The Love" - Value: $3,000 
Protecting yourself is first priority. However, if your spouse or significant other cannot do the same...then you’re one bad moment away from losing them in an attack. There’s nothing that hurts more than losing someone you know you could’ve protected.

That’s why if you want to bring your can do it for $1,000 off the price… just $1,997. That's a full 35% off what a regular ticket would cost. I want to make this affordable enough so you feel no matter where your family goes, you’ll always feel safe and secure. 

**Spouse must stay in same hotel room.
As if that wasn't already incentive enough to sign up… I've decided to pull out all the stops.

So the final bonus for signing up by February 29th is… 
Bonus #3: Private "Special Ops" Shooting Experience - Value: Priceless
Most people don't know this, but in addition to running one of the most sought after self defense programs in the world…

I also am the co-owner of one of Las Vegas's most popular shooting ranges. 

(We're the ones who started the "Shoot a Machine Gun" craze that has swept the nation.) 

And… to celebrate the first TFT class in our new training center, everyone who joins the class will get a special invitation to a *Shoot a Machine Gun experience at my gun range. 

Friday night, Jan 17th I’ll be closing the range down just for TFT LIVE students!  
We’ll shoot at Zombies, Crazed Clowns or even Enemy Forces.

And if that's not enough mayhem for you… or you want to go all out and shoot one of our powerful, fully automatic machine guns… you can try any of our other packages with a complimentary 25% discount.

Of course, safety is our top priority. All shooting experiences include eye and ear protection... as well as range safety instructors to ensure a safe and fun shoot.
Finally... if the bonuses alone aren't enough to get you off the fence... know that you're fully protected by my industry first - "end of course" -
100% Money-Back Guarantee
My goal is to make sure you leave with the skills necessary to handle a violent situation... should you encounter one.

In fact, I’m more than committed to your success... I guarantee it.

The Target Focus Training "end of course guarantee" is unequaled anywhere in this industry.

If, after attending this entire breakthrough training... you don’t feel like you can walk out the door of the training facility and completely protect yourself or a loved one against a violent threat... then I’ll refund your entire tuition on the spot, right up to the last minute of class.

No questions asked.

Others may offer a refund at mid-day of the first day… or even the end of day one. But I don’t want you feeling any pressure.

I want you to experience the entire event... understand the power of my complete system and how it works… but more importantly why it will work for you.

Then… and only then... YOU make the call.

How can I offer you a “100% No-Risk” guarantee?

I know after you experience just the first day of this training... you’ll agree that no one will ever have an edge on you in a violent situation.

You’ll be part of a VERY elite group... with skills and understanding of hostile threats most people... including black belt martial artists... can only dream of attaining.
Oh, and just so you know: in all my years of teaching this material... NO ONE has ever been disappointed; not one person has ever asked for a penny back.

In fact, the usual question from my students is, “When is the NEXT training!

I’m very proud of that record … it’s what allows me to offer such a strong guarantee to you.

So, don’t put this off. Classes will fill quickly.
Raise Your Skill Level
Attend Our Advanced Training Seminar Today
If it’s good enough for our elite military units… It’s good enough for you.

If it has worked for soccer moms… grandmas… and the disabled…

Then the system will work for you too.

And with the 100% money-back guarantee – right up till the last minute of class…
It makes sense to come to our Advanced Training if you've already done our Foundational live event.

It's the fastest way to learn how to cause more injury with far less effort.
How Much is It Really Worth to You
to Know Your Family Is Safe?
Once a life is gone, once it’s been snuffed out... no amount of money can ever bring it back.

If that life was someone YOU loved... what would you be willing to invest to quickly learn these skills?

My guess is you would invest whatever it cost.

It's not too late. But with the way the world is changing – tomorrow it could be. Why gamble when the stakes are so high?

Join me at this special Advance training and take your skills to the next level.

Click the button below to protect yourself and those you love…
Tim Larkin
Founder, Target Focus Training.
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