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Join Us For Our Next Live Seminar in Las Vegas!  April 23 - 24, 2020

“The Amazing Self-Protection System You Can Learn In Less Than 24 Hours… So Effective It Makes Even The Most Vicious Criminals Putty In Your Hands”
Here are the crucial takeaways you get when you attend this powerful in-person training:
  • The scientific principles and techniques needed to protect you or your loved ones in any violent confrontation. After 2 days, these skills will be deeply embedded in your subconscious and available to you upon demand the minute you leave training… even if it's next year, five years...or even 10 years later… all without further practice on your part. 
  • You’ll learn the same close-combat training secrets employed by the most deadly, most knowledgeable, and most respected military hand to hand instructors in the world today.
  • Age, sex, physical condition, athletic ability… and even speed and size… are totally irrelevant to you successfully defeating an attacker. You can excel with this system... even if other “self-defense” workshops haven't worked for you.
  • ​The most powerful guarantee in the self defense industry… unlike anything offered for this type of training... either the entire program is everything I say it is -- with you as the sole judge -- or it costs you absolutely nothing. If after attending every single minute of this groundbreaking training you aren’t totally blown away with the power, the principles and most importantly... the inner confidence to handle any bad situation, I’ll refund your entire tuition on the spot.
A Special Time-Sensitive Message From Tim Larkin:
I realize I’ve made a huge promise but I assure you that every bit of what I’ve said is the absolute truth.

You CAN learn to protect yourself and your loved ones in just hours. The reason this is possible is because what you will learn is not a complicated martial art... but an easy to learn system that uses natural body movements. Better yet, you not only can succeed at learning this regardless of your physical condition, size, age or sex... you never lose this ability -- even without further practice.

I know what you may be thinking: “Nothing this powerful could possibly be this easy.”

That's why I don't want you to take my word for it:
“I found Tim’s knowledge especially practical and applicable in ways which I have never imagined previously. His style is efficient; it’s designed to achieve the maximal effect in the least amount of time. 

The most amazing aspect is how simple and easy it is to learn. Even though I’ve had training in the martial arts, I know that the techniques I learned during this one weekend seminar will be the ones I’ll actually use in a real-life conflict.” 
- Scott Pearlman, MD , Wilmington, Delaware 
Traditional “Self-Defense” Won’t Save Your Life
I’ll be blunt...

What you’re learning in a martial arts or combat fighting school won’t keep you alive… especially in a vicious life-or-death struggle with some ruthless thug on a dark street. (It could, in fact, even get you killed!)
It’s not intentional.

It’s just that most instructors don’t understand what I’m about to explain.
And it doesn’t matter if you’ve trained 5, 10, even 20 years… you’re at just as much risk as some newbie who’s only worked out for a week.

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Tim Larkin. My first career was serving as a Special Warfare Intelligence Officer in the Naval Special Warfare Command… where I helped rewrite the way the US Special Operations Community learns hand-to-hand combat.

For my "second career", I’ve spent the last 30 years training the world's most elite commandos... including US Navy SEALs, ‘Green Berets’, Delta Force, US Army Special Forces, US Marshals, FBI Hostage Rescue Units and more... in this new system.

You see, what the elite soldiers have learned…and what you can too…is that there’s only one way to guarantee you have the edge over any attacker… an edge that can save your life. And the simplicity of it…is amazing.

Before I reveal what you’re about to get you must first understand...
There are Unavoidable Terrors Ready to Steal Your Life...
The world is becoming more and more violent every day.
  • A violent crime is committed every 0.42 seconds…
  • ​Someone is murdered every 30.6 seconds...
  • ​A gunman killed 4 or more people, 7 times a week in 2019...
But that’s not all…

Last year there were 28 mass shootings in America. (That's one every other week.)
This year? The United States is already at 26 mass shootings and we have 4 ½ months to go.

And here's the scariest fact of all: A growing majority of those shootings are happening in public places… like festivals, concerts and even churches.
Houses of worship… long considered the safest places on planet Earth… are now the place where you're most likely to be shot at.
Now, you have two responses to this:
  • Cower in fear and never leave your house.
  • ​Learn the skills that will turn the tables of chance in your favor should you ever find yourself in such an unfortunate situation.
Ever since the awful day of 9/11… I knew I had to give everyday ordinary, regular folks like yourself the chance to get REAL, PROVEN TRAINING.

Because… most "self defense" instructors today got their "certificate" after a 3 day class. 

These people have good intentions… but most of them have never experienced a violent assault… and most likely don't know anyone who has.  
 Use "Traditional" Self Defense Techniques At Your Own Risk
If you've taken a "basic" self defense workshop taught at a college or local YMCA... you are risking your life.  A determined thug will have no problem simply gouging out your eyes as you futilely attempt to scrape his shin with the side of your shoe.. or some other useless technique an instructor taught you.

Today's self defense and martial arts classes simply do not address the level of violence attackers are willing to resort to. The ugly truth is that gun violence and close-quarters attacks are shockingly violent. Yet, what’s more disturbing are the methods used to “prevent” fatalities of innocent people. 

Here’s what I mean: 

There are two HUGE flaws in virtually all martial arts or fighting systems that practically guarantee they will fail you when you need them the most.  

The first is… you need countless hours of practice to become proficient. Hundreds on the low end.. thousands if you want to learn the "advanced stuff." Worse still… the way you are taught… if you don't keep practicing… you quickly lose your proficiency. 

In today's ever increasingly busy world… you don't have the time for that nonsense. 

You don’t have years to learn how to respond if an attacker reached through your car window with a knife in his hand... and your family is right beside you.  

You don’t have a different way of “handling it” if that same thug put a gun to your back while you're withdrawing cash at an ATM machine.  

And what if it suddenly it all escalated with two greasy attackers pinning your limbs, while thugs line up to critically injure you? 

You could spend the next 10 years training to handle every possible move, every possible weapon, every possible multiple-attackers scenario you could think of, and yet… 

If you were unfortunate enough to run head-first into a violent attack on your family, I assure you...  

You’d face something totally new – a situation you’d never trained for or even imagined could happen! That's the way it always happens.

Up until now, you’ve probably been training for “specific situations”... learning techniques that work in one or two different scenarios but… NOT in that ONE violent scenario you'll undoubtedly find yourself in. 

It's simply not possible to train for every different situation. How can you possibly learn enough techniques... even if you practiced daily for the rest of your life? 

And even if you could – even if you magically trained for every conceivable situation – in the subconscious decision making required at crunch time, there’s no way your mind could sort through that vast storehouse of techniques and pick the correct one in time to save your life.
If You Enter Into A Confrontation Bound By "Rules",
You’ll Likely Get Hurt.. Or Even Killed
You ARE what you train. And if you train or workout in a “rules-based” system (like martial arts or range shooting)... you’ll apply those exact same rules in a real-life conflict – often, with disastrous results.

Here’s what I mean: 

Most police officers receive training on how to disarm someone with a gun. To get really good at it, you have to practice it over and over and over again. In classes, due to the obvious safety issues, the officers use realistic plastic guns.

Then they partner up and "disarm the perp" by taking his gun away. When you're doing this in a classroom scenario, what's the best way to "reset" so you can go again? You hand the gun back to the other officer.

It makes sense. It's a classroom. They're plastic guns. And you're "just practicing." 
Unfortunately, “You are what you train.”

There is video footage of an officer who has a gun pulled on him. He executes his training perfectly and disarms the criminal. 

Then he immediately hands the gun back! (because that is how he trained). 

Sadly, he lost his life over that mistake. 

Watching the video it seems almost mind-blowing that a highly trained, highly experienced officer could make such a mistake. But he did exactly as he was taught… and that cost him is life.

And this is especially true for self defense and martial arts classes.

You have “rules” that hold you back. Granted… these rules are designed to keep your classmates safe. But when your life is on the line, there are no rules! And if you're facing someone who is willing to do anything to you – then you have sealed your fate.

That’s why…
The Shocking Reason Why US Navy SEALs, 
Army Special Forces and Elite SWAT 
Are Choosing To Work With Us Over ANYONE else
It's not just because the scientific principles make it possible to completely master… even after just practicing a handful of times...

It’s not because these scientific principles helped a 110 lb college girl throw off and disable a 235-pound serial-rapist... in the dead of nigh...t when left all alone in her dorm… 

Or because one of our students escaped a .45 caliber pistol pressed against his right temple during a Thursday grocery trip... 

Sure, ALL of that stuff is true.

But the REAL reason the elite are training with us is because they recognize that martial arts and sport fighting are USELESS in a real, violent confrontation with a determined thug.
There’s only one way to guarantee you’ll survive, even defeat, a brutal attacker today... and that’s by using the same principles and techniques our nation’s most elite combat fighters use.

That's why we have thousands of testimonials just like these: 
“…VERY empowering…”
I don’t feel helpless [now]. If I’m in a group of guys and somebody tried to grab me I know I’m not going to get hurt... because now my thinking is first, ‘How am I going to hurt him?’ It’s a very good feeling, very empowering.”

- Kris de Jesus,  Accountant, Las Vegas, NV 
"TFT Is matter-of-fact, no-nonsense, effective training"
"TFT Is matter-of-fact, no-nonsense, effective training. I'm a military combat veteran who has studied various martial arts and this program is unique in that its not a sport, its survival. I spent 5 years in a state prison as well, (married, successful, and reformed now I might add). I can assure you that the animals I was incarcerated with have no problems taking, hurting, and killing.  
Wish I would have known some of this back then, might have avoided a lot of pain. I plan on continuing this training as well as teaching my wife and son."

- Brett, Vernal UT
"a tremendous increase in self-confidence."
“The biggest benefit I received from your training is a tremendous increase in self-confidence. I really feel that if I have to, I can defend myself and my family. This confidence permeates though all my thoughts, dreams, feelings, and relationships. How can you put a price on that? — You can’t, it’s priceless.

I think others can sense this confidence to. Maybe I stand a little taller now, or look people in the eye more than I used to, I don’t know. But I have noticed people starting to react to me differently. Your training has given me a real gift – a gift I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Thank you.” 

- Mike Cohen , Business Executive, Atlanta 
"Within minutes, I was hearing, seeing, and doing things that will impact my life forever."
“Frankly, I went to Tim Larkin’s training kicking and screaming. I truly had no interest in attending, being part of the practice time, or wasting time learning skills I know I would never use. But through the constant, gentle, persuasion by (a friend), I attended.

When I arrived at the training, I sat in the back of the room with a “try to teach me something, Buster” attitude. 

Within minutes, I was hearing, seeing, and doing things that will impact my life forever. Instead of wasting hours learning foolish poses and practicing deep grunting sounds or higher pitched screams, we spent just minutes learning simple, basic skills that carry awesome power – power to protect yourself and your loved ones in almost any imaginable situation. 

By the end of the training, Tim transformed me from a disgruntled seminar captive to a disciple of his astounding techniques. The most powerful impact, though came just two days later – September 11, 2001. 
As the details of the horror of that day unwound, it was revealed that the terrorists held the planes and hundreds of people captive with box cutters and penknives.

I sat stunned. Just two days earlier Tim taught us how to effectively handle this very situation. 

Today I feel confident – not arrogant, but confident – that should I be involved in an unavoidable situation that could cost me or the ones I love our safety or our lives, I , 5′ 8″ 148lbs Paul Hartunian could protect myself and others and make the attackers give very serious thought to going into another line of work. 

Tim’s techniques are so simple that an energetic 14 year-old, a sedentary 48 year-old, or an elderly 76 year-old could learn and execute them with ease. If you think you’re protected by your health insurance you’re sadly mistaken. Without Tim’s training your health insurance will only be able to help you pay for the damage inflicted on you by your attacker.” 

- Paul Hartunian, Marketing Executive, New Jersey 
"Surpassed any expectations that I could have imagined."
"At last someone tells the truth! Everything was broken down to the simplest of terms and nothing was kept secret from anyone. Well Done!"
- William Allen, Mappleton, ME
"Finally I have learned something that applies to real-life situations!"
"The TFT course exceeded my expectations from the material taught and it's application in real life to the superior teaching method applied."

- Steve LaMania, Bradenton, FL
"Being a Police Officer, I thought that my gun was the most lethal weapon...
"I now know that my brain is the most lethal weapon and I no longer will fear over getting into a situation where I can't get to my weapon or whether someone attempts to take my weapon. Excellent!"

- Aaron Garner, Sheriff's Deputy, Houston, TX 
Those are unsolicited testimonials from just a few of our students.

And I want to add YOUR story to the list!

To that end, I’ve just announced a live training event where you’ll have an unprecedented opportunity to experience what only a few have ever seen...
A Scientific-Based Fighting System So Effective
You Can Use It To Stop Any Would-Be Thug...
 Within A Matter Of Seconds.
You’ll discover this system is so easy to learn you’ll master it in less than 24 hours... even if you’ve never lifted a finger against anyone in your life... and even if you are a total klutz at anything physical.

Called Target-Focus Training (TFT™, for short), this system is simply the most devastating fighting system imaginable... yet usable by anyone caught in a violent situation. Women, grandparents and even kids can master this system with equal ease... defeating any criminal or assailant who threatens them. 

With this system you’ll almost instantly end a confrontation with an attacker, using movements he simply cannot defend against... regardless of his physical size or prowess. 

You don’t need to be fast, strong, agile or even athletic... and it doesn’t matter if you’ve never faced a threat in your entire life. 

You don't need to spend the rest of your life practicing… hoping "some day" to get to the secretive "advanced moves." You get everything you need to defend yourself… in less than 24 hours.  

And what makes it even easier is this system is based on your natural body movements... not wild artistic kicks and spins... so your body easily adapts. More importantly, your body never forgets what you learn... even if you never practice another day in your life. 

There’s something incredibly empowering about knowing you’ll be safe...ALWAYS.  

And it feels amazing knowing that no matter what kind of attacker comes uninvited to your life… 

No matter how big, how strong or how well-trained they are… 

You’ll have an answer for them. 

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the next… 
Target Focus Training LIVE Seminar
We're pulling out all the stops and giving you some incredible incentives to join us... but only if you register before the end of the month!

Here’s how it works: 

Criminals & attackers have a predator mindset.

This mental frame is their advantage… And it is huge...BUT...

If you can learn to view a criminal who attacks you as prey, then you level the playing field…  

And THAT is what happens at a live training event…  

You practice the movements (safely) with a partner enough times that it’s easy to picture yourself destroying a criminal attacker…and when you succeed...

Congratulations, you just became the predator in any fight. 

The 1-on-1 direct coaching my staff and I provide perfects your practice… locks in muscle memory… and provides one predictable result:


Once you take away the advantage of a predator mindset, results are all about who delivers the first injury.

First injury wins… Winner survives.

And that’s where live training really shines… because you drill techniques so devastating, they are banned from competition fights that have rules.. like MMA, Jujitsu, Kung Fu and other similar sports.

You drill against specific targets on every region of the body, dozens of times… And: 

When you see one the targets on your attacker’s body in a real, life-or-death struggle…

Your training kicks in, and you deliver a debilitating injury.

Meaning you either:   

 1. Shut down the brain… or
 2. Destroy the structural integrity of the skeleton  

I realize right now you may find it extremely hard to believe everything I’ve described about this system. That’s how everyone feels when they first hear about it.

And the truth is, in most combat fighting systems you need hand-eye coordination. These coordination-based systems require you to “mimic” your instructor, memorizing and repeating everything he does. But memorization can’t keep you alive in the world of hand-to-hand combat.  

Target-Focus Training Is A Knowledge-Based System 
Using Intelligence... Rather Than Speed, Size or Athleticism...
 To Defeat A Violent Attacker
Employing system principles and just basic reasoning you learn to easily defeat an attacker by using his own body against himself... regardless of your physical makeup.

Don’t get me wrong… the more coordinated you are the better you can execute my program... provided you have this knowledge.

It’s applying principles... not physical skills. And you never memorize techniques. 

If you are blessed with athleticism and skill, great. With this system and minimal training... there’s literally no one out there who can do serious harm to you or your loved ones. On the other hand, if you’re out of shape, not coordinated and even physically challenged... then this system is virtually the only program offering you a chance against a determined attacker.
Here Are Just Some Of The Skills You’ll Learn When You Attend Target-Focus Training LIVE
  • Why a “perfect” system is 1,000 times more powerful than a set of “perfect” techniques.
  • ​How the “Pit Bull principle” enables you to defeat any attacker. Although it has nothing to do with tenaciousness, it’s a principle you will apply in every situation... with devastatingly effective results.
  • How a double-strike makes even a 70-year-old grandmother seem as powerful as any trained martial artist.
  • Why Target-Focus Training principles empower your everyday personal and business life... just as much as they empower you in a real life-or-death confrontation.
  • How a 120-pound woman can easily generate a striking force equal to 420 pounds (some 3½ times here own body weight).
  • The surprising reason you will learn more about hand-to-hand combat in this training... than is taught to even the US Navy SEALs.
  • Why there’s no such thing as “advanced techniques” in Target-Focus Training... only more highly coordinated people doing ordinary techniques. And why this enables you learn this system so quickly.
  • ​The amazing secret of why Target-Focus Training uses the exact same movements regardless of whether you face an attacker with a knife, a club, a firearm... or no weapon at all. This is completely different from anything you’ve ever been taught. But it’s the only way to keep your mind clearly focused, and eliminate all fear, even in the face of a violent threat.
  • The 2 “realities” of a lethal confrontation. One you can control; one you can’t. And why, if you focus on the wrong one... you’re dead!
  • Why half-way through the first day of this training a 10,000-watt light bulb goes off in your head as you finally understand the cause of fear in a violent situation... and the empowering principle you will easily master to completely eliminate it once and for all.
  • How to easily avoid being stabbed with a knife or shot by a gun by using a basic everyday movement… even if you’re caught with both hands in your pockets!
  • How to turn everyday natural “body movements” into devastating strikes.
  • How to protect yourself against a much larger and stronger attacker... regardless if you are small, slow... even clumsy.
  • ​Why you must never help your partner up off the mat during training... even though you see it done all the time.
  • The one thing you must never do if you’re attacked by a group of thugs. Do it, and even with the finest training, you’re at the mercy of your attackers.
  • The powerful difference between kinetic and static force... and which you must use to take out any attacker --- especially if he's larger and stronger!
  • How to completely disrupt any attacker... by learning to fight from all 4 quadrants instead of just the 1 he expects.
  • Why Target-Focus Training finally lets you cast out that inner sense of fear that suffocates your body like an ugly layer of fat in a terrifying situation.
  • Why all other combat sports and martial arts require you stand 2 to 3 feet from your attacker... and how this dramatically increases the chances of your being killed in a life-or-death confrontation!
  • ​The real reason you must learn to take your attacker’s life.
  • ​“This won’t work on a drug-crazed robber!” Bull. The simple focus shift your mind instantly learns to make when you face someone who’s spaced out.
  • The surprising principle built into Target-Focus Training that enables you to counter the fact that even the best, most accomplished fighters are only 20% accurate with their strikes in actual life-threatening confrontations.
  • Why you never “go up” to fight with a taller or bigger thug... once you understand the simple secrets of “bringing him down to you.”
  • Cause-State versus Effect-State... the difference between walking away alive... and not walking away at all.
  • ​The single most important principle for taking a gun away or for hanging on to it (if it’s your weapon). Do anything else... and you’re likely dead.
  • How to use your attackers own ‘natural’ defense system... to destroy him.
  • One of 3 results MUST occur every time you strike an attacker or you’ve FAILED (and may have made a fatal mistake in the process). You’ll discover all three.
  • The Spinal Reflex Reaction... once you’ve got it, you own your attacker’s body!
  • Two CRITICAL mistakes almost everyone makes when they face multiple attackers… and how you can avoid them.
  • How to make your attacker's clothing become YOUR advantage.
  • Why you never need to “get ready” to fight an attacker with this system. Whether you’re seated, laying down, or your hands are in your pockets, it simply doesn’t matter. You’re always ready to go.
  • ​Why the universal law enforcement standard of “keeping (or saving) your weapon at all costs”... is deadly wrong!
  • ​Why you must cause a “rhythmic cascade of harm” inside your attacker’s body!
  • ​The difference between being a 'knife fighter' and knowing how to 'fight with a knife'… and how it dramatically impacts your ability to stay alive when facing weapons.
  • ​Plus much more!
At this training I’ll give you the no-BS principles required today to effectively handle violent threats including the ever-more-common multiple attacker scenario with weapons.

I don’t just explain principles and then give you a little practice with each. You’ll spend the majority of your time “on the mats” internalizing the principles and practicing what you learn. 

The Only Realistic Scenario Offered Today 
Where You Can Actually “Fight For Your Life...
Without Ever Having To Risk It!”
Half that time you’ll be the attacker; half the fighter.

What’s totally unique about the Target-Focus Training system is the fact you learn just as much while acting as the attacker... as you do being the fighter! 

This is totally unique and unprecedented. 

It’s one of the keys to why Target-Focus Training is so devastatingly powerful... and why you are able to master it in such an extremely short time frame. 

In fact, here’s what makes this training even more valuable: 

Once you’re done with this training, you’re done.  

You don’t need to practice back at home for weeks. You don’t have to ask someone to “grab your arm” so you can practice a throw or a punch. 

The principles will lock themselves into your brain...FOREVER. They’ll protect you from any violent threat heading in your direction. In fact, it’ll feel weird at first, but you’ll enjoy a new sense of calm knowing whoever decides to screw with you… 

...will probably end up in the hospital themselves.  

Better them than you.  

They’ll regret they ever dared cross paths with you as they wonder how in the world they ended up in such bad shape when their “prey” looked absolutely harmless.  
My students’ attackers probably feel this way when they’re hurt. Some of them are debilitated and they won’t hurt anyone else ever again - thank god. 

I know this might all sound a little far-fetched right now. Especially if the thought of training for combat has never even crossed your mind. 

But I can’t stress to you enough the FEELING you’re going to have when you KNOW...  

...despite the atrocities the world confronts us with…’ll always be 100% OKAY. 

Expect to come home with: 
  • The complete and total knowledge deep down inside, that you CAN protect yourself or any of your loved ones in any type of violent threat.
  • An unbelievable new confidence, one that literally oozes from your pores. A confidence that everyone around you notices. A confidence that leaves you holding your head higher without your even thinking about why. A confidence that eradicates those little fears that before left you wondering inside, “Should I walk down that alley alone? Is that guy really following me? What if someone put a gun to my face?” Each is no longer a question.
  • A totally new mindset -- the Cause-State. This is NOT positive thinking (which probably gets you killed in a violent confrontation) but Cause-State thinking not only puts you in control of a bad situation, but serves you equally well in your day-to-day life.
Customization: Why Live Training is Best
If you want to learn this information FAST... in less than 24 hours of training... nothing compares to a live TFT event.

Not the finest videos. Not the best-written manuals. 


One word: Customization.  

At TFT Live we work with you one on one to make sure that the techniques you are learning will work for YOU. 

If you have an injury (or other difficulty) that would prevent you from performing the techniques the way they are taught on one of my training DVD’s… 

Our instructors will work with you to modify the techniques, so they work for YOU specifically. 

With the pre-recorded trainings, you are on your own figuring this out… 

But we’ve worked with thousands of students and know just how to massage the training to make it work for anyone. 

At the live event you’re right there, right next to my instructors as we demonstrate precisely what you need to do… 

And how you should do it. AND: 

You have training partners to practice with... 

So you walk away with rock-solid confidence in your abilities. 

Now let me ask you…
The One Question You Must Answer Before Attending 
What would it be worth to you to know wherever your loved ones are, whatever they’re doing… they’ll have a away to deal with a vicious, unexpected attack from someone two times, even three times their size?

Because the truth is the worst attacks happen when your guard is down. Not when you’re protected and ready for it. The attackers like to prey on those who look distracted or weak. They love anyone who they think they can overpower and torture. 

Some clients of mine have told me the safety this program provides is absolutely priceless. And it makes sense. No amount of money is worth the life of their loved ones. 

I have kids, and the thought of losing one of them to a sinister crook gives me chills. I wouldn’t know how to cope. I couldn’t imagine the pain of parents who’ve lost their children. 

So you can see why this program is easily worth $10,000. The elite training forces who hired me have paid more than this… because they understand the value of learning scientific principles that keep them safe from trained thugs.  

Other people have gladly paid this amount to have me train them and their family privately… knowing the safety it provides for their family is more than worth the cost.  

And when I first started teaching Target Focus Training to the general public after 9/11… the fee for the seminar was $5,000. 

However, the news lately has been incredibly disturbing. It seems like we’re constantly under attack from “loose cannons”.  

Mentally ill teens with way too much firepower...  

Desperate men who’ve lost touch with humanity… 

The type of threats that plague the streets seem to be increasing. And you’ve felt it. We all have. 

So because of the current climate, and knowing how important this training is to your survival from vicious attacks on your life… 

I’m not going to charge $10,000 like I have for others…

I’m not going to even charge the $5,000 that I asked when just starting…

Because it’s really important for you to learn this material as fast as possible. The reality is regular folks just like you are the ones who are most vulnerable.

And I couldn't bare it if it was price that kept someone from learning these skills.

Currently, our TFT Seminar is priced at $2,997.

However…You get a few added "perks" when you choose to join us
Special Rate Of Just $2,397 Includes Two Nights Hotel for Both Days!
This is an opportunity you’ve never seen from us... 

And if this wasn’t a no-brainer already...we’re about to make this program even better. 

Like I said, I have kids. Two daughters. So I know how terrifying it is that there are criminals preying on our children, watching them as they calculate when to strike. The thought alone keeps my wife up at night. 

That’s why I’m making this an easy “yes” for families. Especially if you have young kids who need protection. 

So when you sign up by the end of the month and you can claim 3 extra bonuses.
Bonus #1:  "Share The Love" - Value: $3,000 
Protecting yourself is first priority. However, if your spouse or significant other cannot do the same...then you’re one bad moment away from losing them in an attack. There’s nothing that hurts more than losing someone you know you could’ve protected.

That’s why if you want to bring your can do it for HALF the price… just $997. That's a full 75% of what a regular ticket would cost. I want to make this affordable enough so you feel no matter where your family goes, you’ll always feel safe and secure. 

**Spouse must stay in same hotel room.
Additionally… I want to extend this even further with...
Bonus #2:  The Daughter Protection Package - Value: $3,000
As I’ve already mentioned, I have daughters. Watching them grow up, you can see how vulnerable they truly are. Sure, girls are brave and very capable. But the facts don't lie… women today are more at risk than ever before… especially during the crucial High School and College years.  

For all the parents who worry sick about their girls… I want you to know that I truly understand. 

That's why my team and I have decided to allow 

your high school and college age daughters to attend for FREE. (Limited to women 16 - 28 years old).

Nothing is more empowering for women than knowing a bigger, stronger attacker has no chance against their SEAL-level combat training.  

In fact, I have one client who is married to a professional model. As you may well imagine… she gets plenty of unwanted looks and attention when she is out at about. 

After taking this weekend course, she let her husband know "this is the first time in my life that I haven't been afraid when out in public. I have the confidence now that I know how to defend myself if I ever need it." 

I want your daughters to sail through their college experience fully empowered... and fully confident... knowing that they now have a major advantage over their peers. 

This is a $3,000 gift to you and your daughter. Just one small way for me and my team to give back and help make our communities that much more safe. 

**Daughter must stay in same hotel room.
"Had I been attacked before I came, I wouldn't have survived"
"After taking the class I now know that I have to lead with targeting. I am more aware of my surroundings and people around me."

- Sarisa J, College Student 
As if that wasn't already incentive enough to sign up… I've decided to pull out all the stops.

Since we’re opening up the BRAND NEW facility grounds equipped with new mats, new floors and a complete set of new training tools...I decided we need to celebrate!  

So the final bonus for signing up by November 30th is… 
Bonus #3:  Two Nights Hotel Room
Nothing is worse than trying to figure out where to stay when you attend an event like this.  You can spend hours looking for an affordable place... only to realize it's 30 minutes from where you need to be.

Then there is the added stress of getting there on time.  Do you rent a car or take a taxi?

We decided that this time around, we'd remove all of the hassle for you.  We've done all the hard work and research.

When you join us in Las Vegas, two nights hotel is included in the price of your ticket.

That way all you have to do is register for the event and get to Las Vegas.  How easy is that?  :-)
As if that wasn't already incentive enough to sign up… I've decided to pull out all the stops.

Since we’re opening up the BRAND NEW facility grounds equipped with new mats, new floors and a complete set of new training tools...I decided we need to celebrate!  

So the final bonus for signing up by Feb 29th is… 
Bonus #4: Private "Special Ops" Shooting Experience - Value: Priceless
Most people don't know this, but in addition to running one of the most sought after self defense programs in the world…

I also am the co-owner of one of Las Vegas's most popular shooting ranges. 

(We're the ones who started the "Shoot a Machine Gun" craze that has swept the nation.) 

And… to celebrate the first TFT class in our new training center, everyone who joins the class will get a special invitation to a *Shoot a Machine Gun experience at my gun range. 

Friday night, April 24th I’ll be closing the range down just for TFT LIVE students!  
We’ll shoot at Zombies, Crazed Clowns or even Enemy Forces.

And if that's not enough mayhem for you… or you want to go all out and shoot one of our powerful, fully automatic machine guns… you can try any of our other packages with a complimentary 25% discount.

Of course, safety is our top priority. All shooting experiences include eye and ear protection... as well as range safety instructors to ensure a safe and fun shoot.

The sooner you can reserve your ticket... and your place at the range... the better! (Logistics for something like this are quite detailed, as you can imagine.)
Finally… if the bonuses alone aren't enough to get you off the fence… you're also fully protected by an industry first - "end of course" -
100% Money-Back Guarantee
My goal is to make sure you leave with the skills necessary to handle a violent situation, should you encounter one.

In fact, I’m more than committed to your success... I guarantee it. 

The TFT "end of course" guarantee is unequaled anywhere in this industry.  

If, after attending this entire breakthrough training... you don’t feel like you can walk out the door of the training facility and completely protect yourself or a loved one against a violent threat... then I’ll refund your entire tuition on the spot, right up to the last minute of class.  

No questions asked. 

Others may offer a refund at mid-day of the first day… or even the end of day one. But I don’t want you feeling any pressure.  

I want you to experience the entire event... understand the power of my complete system and how it works… but more importantly why it will work for you.  

Then… and only then... YOU make the call. 
How can I offer you a “100% No-Risk” guarantee? 
I know after you experience just the first day of this training, you’ll agree that no one will ever have an edge on you in a violent situation. 

You’ll be part of a VERY elite group, with skills and understanding of hostile threats most people can only dream of attaining. 

Oh, and just so you know: in all my years of teaching this material NO ONE has ever been disappointed; not one person has ever asked for a penny back.  

In fact, the usual question from my students is, “When is the NEXT training!” 

I’m very proud of that record … it’s what allows me to offer such a strong guarantee to you. 

So, don’t put this off. Classes will fill quickly.  

We only have room for 60 people and 17 spots are already spoke for.

Last time, I only sent 3 emails to my customers and TWO seminars sold out in 4 days.

Now that we're adding on the Spouse and Daughter ticket... PLUS... two nights hotel room for both days... you can be sure of one thing:

This seminar will sell out too!  (Most likely by the end of the month!)
You Have Three Options to Consider
The first option is to do nothing.  

You can continue on with your life in blissful ignorance. Just know, I’ve had plenty of students who “didn’t feel like coming”... but were very glad they did anyway.   

One of these people survived a 235 pound serial rapist... despite being 120 pounds lighter than him. She was able to get him off her, even when he had all 235 pounds of force pressing down on her on the bed. She escaped, and left him paralyzed. 

The second option is to try and learn all these techniques yourself.  

You can take the decades required to learn one martial art system. But just know, you may risk learning incorrect techniques… techniques that end up useless in a life or death struggle. As I’ve mentioned before, your attacker doesn’t follow rules. And there’s no such thing as a “fair fight” in a kill or be killed situation.  

The third option is to jump in with both feet and secure your family’s safety today. 

Target Focus Training has been proven on the battlefield, across the decades and in the streets. 

From my time as a Naval Intelligence Officer, teaching hand-to-hand combat to SEALs and other elite units until now… 

The system I’ve developed and refined over 30 years allows everyday men and women to no longer live in fear… 

To live life with complete confidence and the ability to face - and defeat - any attacker, instantly. 

This is the exact same system I use to train Fortune 100 companies... international agencies, NATO military detachments, special operations... federal law enforcement, private security contractors.... and more 

It’s the same system I've taught to soccer moms, grandmothers - even the disabled. 

And the thousands of stories from our students reveal the truth… 
This System Works
If it’s good enough for our elite military units… It’s good enough for you.

If it has worked for soccer moms… grandmas… and the disabled… 

Then the system will work for you too. 

And with the 100% money-back guarantee – right up till the last minute of class… 

It makes sense to give TFT Live a try if you’re serious about protecting yourself and those you love. 

Especially considering the recent rise in political and social violence. 
When You Need Help & Police are Minutes Away –
You Won’t Wish You’d Skimped on Your Training
I’m amazed at those who see my rates and still comment, “Seems awfully expensive.”

My response is always, “Compared to what”? 

In a matter of 2 short days you are going to walk away totally capable of not only saving your life in a violent confrontation with a criminal… 

But also, saving the life of a loved one as well. 

How much is it really worth to know how to protect yourself and those you love right NOW, when it matters most?  

Once a life is gone, once it’s been snuffed out... no amount of money can ever bring it back. 

If that life was someone YOU loved... what would you be willing to invest to quickly learn these skills?  

My guess is you would invest whatever it cost.  

It's not too late. But with the way the world is changing – tomorrow it could be. Why gamble when the stakes are so high?  

Join me at the next TFT Live and put your fears to rest once and for all.  

Click the button below to protect yourself and those you love… 

Tim Larkin 
Founder, Target Focus Training. 

P.S.: Remember, you'll walk away at the end of the 2 days with the complete ability to totally disable and... if necessary... destroy anyone threatening you or a loved one. 

Regardless of whether they’re attacking you with a knife or a gun... regardless if there are even several attackers. 

You will thoroughly understand my principle-based, target-focused system... and why you must ONLY use this information in a life-or-death situation. The internal confidence change you’ll experience... will be... transformational. 

P.P.S.: Because this system is founded on proven scientific principles… and because it is based on training in a world where no rules apply... you may be surprised to find that TFT... 
  • Can be mastered by anyone -- men, women and children, from 8 to 80
  • ​Is quickly learned without years of practice
  • Requires no special physical skills
  • ​Requires no special speed, strength or agility
  • ​Is void of complicated athletic movements, meaning even the physically challenged can effectively use it
Whether you’re a business executive, trained martial artist, housewife, grandmother or student… this will work for you.

Regardless of your background... if you’re looking for one, easy-to-learn, quickly mastered, yet devastatingly-powerful program… one that permanently removes all fear about the unpredictable violence on the streets… this is it.
Question #1: Will I Get Hurt?

No one has ever had a serious injury in any of my classes. And there’s a very good reason why. 

I stress safety first and foremost. You’ll train in pairs and if I see anyone doing anything whatsoever that could potentially harm his or her partner, I immediately step in. 

Because of the lethal nature of what I show you won’t train anywhere near full speed or with full power. All I want to see is that you’re properly coding your mind and body by correctly but lightly striking your targets.   

There’s something else: 

Because of the way the Target-Focus Training system works, it’s really not necessary to go fast... even if you’re in a real attack.  

It’s something that’s very difficult for many to understand at first (especially if you’ve had a lot of martial arts training where everything is based on speed punching). Sorry, but speed is not necessary to defeat an attacker. 

Question #2: Will Age Be An Issue? 

I’ve trained individuals from their early teens to their late 80’s to capably protect themselves... regardless of their physical condition. So outside of a few extreme cases, there’s virtually no reason you can’t succeed with Target-Focus Training... even if you’ve had trouble with the martial arts or another self-defense program. 

Question #3: Will I Be Taught To Kill Someone? 


I know for some, maybe you, that’s an uncomfortable... even horrifying... thought. So let me explain... 

I’m not going to teach you to become a trained assassin... useful only to the CIA or some other covert government agency. 

But I am teaching you how to handle the worst case scenario you will ever face. Then you totally control how much you scale it down depending on the situation. 

It’s easy to back off and use less force... but it’s virtually impossible to ramp up to a lethal level… if you’ve never experienced it before. Again, that’s why I call these sessions the only realistic scenarios where you can “fight for your life... without ever having to risk it!” 

Always remember: violence is seldom the answer. But when it is, it is the only answer! 
Question #4: Is Target-Focus Training Right For Me?

If any of the following describe you, then you want to attend this course… 
  • You’re a busy individual who didn’t have the time to learn a martial art but have that nagging feeling you need some form of self-protection that you know works -- and that you can learn quickly.
  • ​You’ve taken some martial arts or self-defense training but question whether your training will really work against multiple attackers, knives, clubs, or firearms.
  • The tragic mass shootings forced you to seriously consider how you might have to protect yourself and your loved ones instead of relying totally on the law enforcement community for protection.
  • ​You want to learn the most effective form of self-protection available anywhere today, you want to learn it quickly, and be able to deliver the maximum damage with minimum effort against ANY attacker... regardless of his strength or size.
But you must accept one fact: this system is only for use in a life-threatening situation. It’s not a sport or sport fighting. That’s a crucial differentiation you must understand. What you learn isn’t something to impress your buddies at the local gym.

Question #5: “But Am I Qualified To Attend? I Don’t Want To Look Stupid Out There.” 

Everyone always asks, “Do I need some type of martial arts training to attend?” 

The answer is an emphatic: Of course not! 

In fact, one powerful aspect of my teaching methodology is that everyone ends day 2 at a similar skill level... regardless of where they began. That’s a huge benefit of the Target-Focus Training system (and a big reason the military loves it). 

Another thing: this is not your typical military-style training. 

In military settings we go from early morning clear through to late night. But the goal of most such training is to wash out a certain percentage of the participants. 

Here, my goal is to get you and every single one of your classmates to a level where you can confidently protect yourself against even the worst threats. Given that, we’ll generally run until about 6 pm each day, allowing your body sufficient recovery time each evening. 

Question #6: Is It Expensive? 

Compared to what? 

In a matter of 2 short days you are going to walk away totally capable of not only saving your life in a violent confrontation... but very possibly the life of a loved one as well.  

What I’ve done is create a scientific system that lets you learn and instantly apply skills you can learn nowhere else. Even with ONE martial art, you're looking at 7 to 10 years (and often much longer) of 3-times per week training. Add up all the monthly fees you have to pay… and you'll have shelled out and $6,000.00, $8,000.00 -- even $10,000.00 or more.   

You'll learn skills so much more effective… and in only two days time. The cost alone is worth all that time you'll save! 

Plus -- have you stopped to think about who will protect you from an unexpected threat during all those years you’re “learning to protect yourself” in some other program? 

How much is it really worth to know how to protect yourself right NOW, when it matters most?

I’m reminded of the following story... 

Legend has it that an elderly Pablo Picasso was sketching in the park when a bold woman approached him. “It’s you -- Picasso, the great artist! Oh, you must sketch my portrait! I insist.” 

So Picasso agreed to sketch her. After studying her for a moment, he used a single pencil stroke to create her portrait. He handed the women his work of art. 

“It’s perfect!” she gushed. “You managed to capture my essence with one stroke, in one moment. Thank you! How much do I owe you?” 

“Five thousand dollars,” the artist replied. 

“What?!?” the woman sputtered. “How could you want so much money for this picture? It only took you a few minutes to draw it!” 

"No, madam,” he answered quite seriously. “The painting took me 80 years to master... and a few minutes to draw.” 

What you get in just a few short hours at this 100%-guaranteed workshop is my -year+ distillation of this entire subject.  

And it will last your entire lifetime. Don’t put off what you know you need in this unstable world we all face today. There’s never a “right time” to do it... and I guarantee in the future the price will never be less than it is today.
Question #7: What’s the basic course outline?

I’ll cover Target-Focus Training system principles, basic hand-to-hand and hand-to-weapon combat (including the use of knives, guns and clubs,)... as well as the ever-more-present scenario where you’re face-to-face with multiple attackers.  

Many ask about a course outline and I will make one available at the sessions, but understand I customize each class as it progresses, based on the dynamics of the participants, so no two are ever alike.  

We’ll go from 9 am to 5 or 6 pm each day. 

Tuition for this 2 -day Target-Focus Training event is just $2,397 and it comes with two nights hotel room for both days. No other live seminar offers this type of arrangement.

On top of that, you will also get these valuable bonuses: 

 1. 50% OFF for spouse ($997)
 2. Daughters train for FREE
 3. Two Nights Hotel for Both Days
"Just knowing that she could do SOMETHING empowered her to act…"
“I want to extend my heartfelt thank you for imparting your knowledge to me. A week ago, my girlfriend was at a bar with a couple of friends having a good time, and a predator chose her for a victim. He followed her to the bathroom and pushed her out of a nearby exit, pinning her right arm behind her back.

She was terrified, but what came immediately to her mind was a light-hearted conversation she and I had a few days prior. 
She jokingly told me that if something happened she'd "punch them in the forehead." I laughed, but showed her that she should never use her fist and instead use her forearm, and aim for the neck and throat.

All she remembered during the attack was me showing her how to use her forearm. She swung with her left arm--without looking--and thank God she connected perfectly right on the side of his neck. 

She ran back to the door and glanced behind her at the predator, and saw him lying on the pavement unconscious! 

She made it back home safely that night and told me the story, but the next morning she remembered nothing at all...the man had slipped something in her drink. 

Just knowing that she could do SOMETHING empowered her to act, and I am so grateful that she did. 

She is a mother of three, and thanks to you all at TFT she will continue to be here for her children. Thank you.” 

- Jesse TealeWisconsin 

"I did what TFT teaches... and I'm alive"
“I was walking one evening in the old city of Jerusalem with a friend when we were attacked by 2 Arabs wielding knives. The first instinct that I had was, Freeze.

Period that simple. 

My friend however just curled up like a ball and stayed put, too shocked even to yell for help, which obviously made him a very easy "stabbing bag". 

Now after like 2 seconds which felt like an eternity, I did what TFT teaches... and I'm alive and thank G-D, managed to save my friends life! Thank you Tim! 

Please do not use my name in above story, as I'm not completely finished with the legal system.” 

- Anonymous
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